April 3–30 2018
Alex Morrison, Brand New Era Social Club
Nadia Belerique, In The Belly Of A Cat, 2018 BC Hydro Dal Grauer Substation Public Art Project

This Tue 17: Nadia Belerique and the Spatial Object

As part of the 2018 Capture Speaker Series, catch Nadia Belerique—the artist behind the work for this year’s Dal Grauer Public Art Project (pictured above)—in conversation with art critic Sky Goodden. Book your free ticket.



The Blue Hour

  • Joi T. Arcand, Kapwani Kiwanga, Colin Miner, Grace Ndiritu, Kara Uzelman
  • Contemporary Art Gallery

    555 Nelson Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6R5, Canada

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