Lee Grant Roberts

Lee Grant Roberts is curator and organiser of more than twenty group art shows at Goldmoss and Goldmoss Satellite, showcasing over a hundred local and international artists. He founded, fundraised, and curated an arts festival for five consecutive years with over one hundred and fifty artists in each edition, spanning visual arts, photography, film, and music.

As an artist, Roberts has exhibited his art in solo and group shows in Canada, London, and Paris, alongside artists such as Shawn Hunt, Paul Smith, Jay Senetchko, Sally Michener, Diego Samper, Roger Watt, XwalLackTun, Joan Balzar, Caroline Weaver, and Ben Tour. Lee’s artwork has sold to collectors in Canada, the US, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France.

Roberts is a true collaborator, pushing his own creative ambitions and supporting the development of the contemporary arts.

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