Ronan Considine

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Ronan Considine moved to Vancouver at the age of ten. This left him with a unique perspective, having seen so much of the world at a young age. As he got older and continued to travel, photography became part of his life and a way to share his experiences and the beauty of the world.

Considine often uses long exposure in his photography, creating a surreal dreamlike effect, and a deeper sense of the spirit of a place and its timeless qualities. This gives a deeper feeling to his work, showing the passage of time on the landscape, the clouds streaking through the sky, and the waves becoming a mist on the shore. He attempts to see it all a different way, knowing what it will look like over a period of time.

Considine studied photography at Langara College, Vancouver, and continues to travel all over the world but calls Vancouver his home.

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