Submissions FAQ

What’s the difference between the Selected Exhibition Program and the Open Exhibition Program?

Submissions to the Selected Program are subject to jury evaluation, while Open submissions are not. The Selected Exhibitions are chosen as that year’s representative exhibitions and will receive priority placement in the Capture Magazine and on the website. Selected Exhibitions and their associated events will also have the opportunity to be included in Capture-led programming such as gallery hops and other events.

What happens if I don’t get into the Selected Exhibition Program?

Your exhibition will automatically be offered a place in the Open Exhibition Program.

Do I need to have a venue confirmed in order to submit?

Yes. Additionally, Selected Exhibitions must be in art-specific spaces. We may request to see a floor plan for any spaces new to Capture. For Open Exhibitions, if it’s not your own space (e.g., a studio) or you are not affiliated with the space (e.g., an employee or member), then Capture requires a confirmation letter from the venue.

How much does it cost to participate in Capture?

Submissions to the Selected Program are subject to a $300 + GST fee, for which you will be invoiced upon acceptance. Registered not-for-profits are exempt from this fee. The submission fee includes an annual membership to Capture Photography Festival Society.

Submissions to the Open Program are free for Capture Photography Festival Society members (annual membership can be purchased for $10 here).

Submissions to the Event Program are free for Capture Photography Festival Society members (annual membership can be purchased for $10 here).

What are the benefits of participating in Capture?

Your exhibition and/or event will be part of a citywide celebration of photography and lens-based art with the opportunity to participate in meaningful discourse about the medium.

The Capture website includes all Festival activities, including every exhibition and event, along with a handy “My Itinerary” feature that allows visitors to plan what they’d like to see and share it with friends.

Likewise, the Capture Magazine features all Festival activities, along with editorial content. Every participating exhibition receives copies of the magazine (number varies depending on size/accessibility of venue and availability of magazines), as well as a Capture logo vinyl to clearly identify the exhibition as part of the Festival.

Capture works with a PR team and our media sponsor, the Georgia Straight, to attract media attention for as many exhibitions as possible. Other benefits include press access to your images, coverage on Capture’s social media accounts, and increased attendance to your exhibition or event.

Selected Exhibitions also receive:

  • At least one full page in the Capture Photography Festival Magazine, with a 200-word exhibition description and at least one image reproduction.
  • One webpage with up to 7 images on the Festival website.
  • Priority placement in the Capture Magazine and on the website landing page and exhibition directory.
  • Opportunity to participate in Capture programming, such as gallery hops.
  • Priority coverage through Capture’s social media channels.

Open Exhibitions and Events also receive:

  • A listing in the Capture Photography Festival Magazine (image reproduction not guaranteed).
  • One webpage on the Festival website, with up to 3 images for Open Exhibitions.
  • Coverage through Capture’s social media channels.

All exhibitions have the opportunity to contribute events, such as artist talks and exhibition tours, to the Capture program. Capture is always exploring new ways to increase community engagement with the Selected Program and is open to suggestions. Email with any ideas or comments.

Do I have to be a Vancouver-based artist or gallery to submit to Capture?

No! However, your exhibition or event must take place in the Metro Vancouver Regional District of British Columbia during at least part of the month of April.

How do to I find a venue for my Open Exhibition?

With no parameters on what the space must be, the sky’s the limit. Get in touch with community galleries, coffee shops, retail stores, and other businesses to see if you can use their walls, or pitch an outdoor mural or installation. Contact the representative of an empty storefront and inquire if you can rent it for the month of April. Check-in with local libraries and universities. Co-opt advertising spaces.

You can also look at previous editions of the Festival for venue ideas. You can see past editions of the Festival on the website by heading over to the Exhibitions page and selecting a year from the “View Past Festivals” drop-down menu below the map.

While Capture is unable to provide venues for exhibition, we have suggestions. Get in touch at

What sorts of costs are associated with exhibitions?

The costs of mounting an exhibition vary greatly, depending on the type of venue and format of the work. Likewise, the cost of hiring a venue varies greatly based on whether you choose to split sales with the venue or rent it outright. There may also be costs associated with marketing your exhibition, if you choose to do so. Being part of Capture does ensure exposure and public attention, so any additional marketing you do independently is entirely up to you.

Grants not affiliated with Capture are available for both emerging and established artists. Check the websites of the City of Vancouver, BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and Vancouver Foundation, among other funding bodies, for more information.

What happens when I submit my images to Capture?

By submitting you agree to allow Capture to reproduce your images for promotional reasons, including for the website, magazine, and social media, and to allow Capture to provide your images to external media. The images will appear with full credit as provided in the submitted caption information. Copyright remains with the creator. See the terms and conditions for more information.

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