We believe that a collective appreciation for and celebration of lens-based art deepens the cultural landscape in Metro Vancouver and is a catalyst for new and exciting exchanges, collaborations, and partnerships between diverse audiences, artists, and communities.


Capture Photography Festival supports artistic excellence in diverse lens-based practices, with a focus on critical and challenging work, while nurturing emerging talent. Capture enables meaningful local and international collaborations and facilitates public interest, critical dialogue, and education around lens-based art as a progressive medium and significant vessel for communication.


We value critical programming, dialogue, and publications; creative partnerships and collaborations; meaningful public engagement; diversity and inclusion; compelling learning opportunities; and fostering opportunities for lens-based artists.


Capture Photography Festival Society is a not-for-profit whose mandate is:

  1. To celebrate and foster an appreciation of lens-based art through an annual festival in Vancouver, British Columbia, including exhibitions, public art, community engagement, and learning opportunities that facilitate dialogue around photography in all its forms.
  2. To showcase the work of critically acclaimed artists from around the world and to support emerging lens-based artists by providing a platform for them to develop their practice.
  3. To cultivate partnerships with local and international cultural institutions with the goal of collectively presenting the most compelling and current lens-based art.
  4. To present perspectives from diverse backgrounds, including from a variety of geographic regions and those who identify as women, Indigenous, LGBTQ/2S+, visible minorities, or members of other underrepresented groups.

Erin Siddall and Sean Arden, Viewpoint, installation view at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, a 2016 Public Art Project. Photo: Nelson Mouëllic.


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