Chukwudubem Ukaigwe

Chukwudubem Ukaigwe (b. 1995, Lagos, Nigeria) is a Nigerian-born artist, curator, and writer [passing through] Winnipeg, Canada. Exercising material as an experimental device for cross-examining plural themes, his interdisciplinary practice is an inquiry into semiotic dissonance. Chukwudubem participates in the creation of immersive audiovisual scapes for fecund contemplation, bringing to centre facets of everyday life to generate active conceptual trans-media interconnections pertaining to global aesthetics.

Tapping into a diverse spectrum of influences – from experimental music and literature, to history and futurisms – Ukaigwe approaches his art practice as a double gesture. On one hand, his work is a way of annotating, augmenting, defacing, transposing, and rewriting in the margins of a palimpsestic history. On the other hand, his paintings, installations, and video works are an attempt to assemble and compose a speculative sensorium that permits hearing in a different tempo; one that collapses the subject-object divide and maps out both new and revised sociographies. A compositional practice that is fabulated out of the choice to meander in extant modes of being: fugitive, improvised, ongoing and otherwise. His social practice is established on the foundations of splintered or shared authorship, community input, fracturing time, and relativity. On obtaining a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba in Canada, Chukwudubem has presented exhibitions and effectuated artist residencies locally and intercontinentally. Ukaigwe is a founding member of the curatorial force, Patterns Collective.

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