Luce Lebart

Photography historian and curator, Luce Lebart joined the Archive of Modern Conflict collection in 2018. Previously, she directed the Canadian Institute of Photography at the National Gallery of Canada (2016–18) after having notably been director of the collections of the French Society of Photography in Paris (2011–16).

Luce Lebart is particularly interested in images produced or collected without artistic intention. It is in this context that she began her research on meteorological photography, and published on “Cloud photography and cloud classification”. Among her most recent books are Le musée départemental Albert Kahn (Gallimard 2022); Inventions 1915-1938 (RVB-Books and CNRS), Gold and Silver (RVB BOOKS, 2018), Great Photographers of the 20th Century (Larousse, 2017), Lady Liberty (Le Seuil, 2016), and Les Silences d’Atget (Textual, 2015). She is the author of photobooks such as Mold is Beautiful (Poursuite, 2015) and Tâches et traces (Diaphane, 2015). Since 2012, she has curated twenty six photography exhibitions, mainly based on archives, including five presented at the festival Les Rencontres de la photographie in Arles, among others in the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Canada, England, and China. One of her latest projects, A World History of Women Photographers (Textual, November 2020) is a collective book bringing together 160 authors from around the world. An English and an American version will be published in June and August 2022 by Thames and Hudson. Lebart also regularly writes for artists, including in the recent book Cloud Physics by American photographer Terry Weiffenbach (Editions EXB 2021).

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