Wang Ningde

Wang Ningde (b. 1972) currently lives and works in Beijing. He graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in Liaoning Province, China, in 1995, and then moved south to Guangdong Province. After working as a photojournalist in Guangzhou for a decade, he returned north to live and work in Beijing, developing a significant body of work investigating memory and dreams using photography as a medium. In particular, his Some Days series, which explores the difficulties of reconciling the past and present in today’s China, has gained international acclaim. Wang’s work has been exhibited at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum (Denmark, 2020), National Gallery of Victoria (Australia, 2019), Fort Mason Festival Pavilion (USA, 2017), Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery (USA, 2018), Städtische Galerie (Germany, 2017), Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig (Germany, 2016), Museum Folkwang (Germany, 2016), Paramount Pictures Studios (USA, 2015), Alessandria Photo Biennale (Italy, 2011), Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris (France, 2010), Limn Gallery (USA, 2007), The Red Mansion Foundation, London (UK, 2006), and other institutions.

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