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VanSPC Street Photography Scavenger Hunt: Follow the Rabbit

Follow the Rabbit to the dozen VanSPC Easter eggs! Our hints lead to 12 popular street photography sites in Downtown Vancouver. Capture each target site with at least one unposed person not known to you, or evidence of human activity, in frame. Photographers with 9 or more correct landmarks will be entered into a draw for prizes to be awarded at the end of the hunt. Participants have until April 24 to email their 6 best images (largest size available) from the event to [email protected] for consideration on a webpage at Good luck and happy hunting!

The Vancouver Street Photography Collective (VanSPC) is a non-profit society bringing together photographers from Vancouver and beyond to create and share diverse street photography approaches and aesthetics. We are founded on the principles of exploration, engagement, and inclusion. For us, street photography is a way to interact with the world, the everyday and the spectacular, and capturing those interactions through photography that is grounded in the streets, and at the same time, evocative of our individual artistic visions. We strive to offer a welcoming space to learn about, practice and display street photography through meet-ups, exhibitions, publications and simply walking the streets to discover new moments of inspiration.


VanSPC members and participants will be required to wear masks at all times during the event as well as maintain a safe distance from one another. In addition, hand sanitizer will be available at the location.

Event is free, no tickets are required.

Hunt will begin at 725 Granville Street.

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