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One of Capture’s more highly anticipated exhibitions opened last Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at the new AHVA Gallery. The exhibition was curated by Vytas Narusvicious and organized in part by the gallery’s Director Barrie Jones, it’s up until November 29th.

Here’s what we said in our press release:

The exhibition reflects upon a seminal 1969 exhibition of the same name, organized by then UBC students just as the wheels of photo conceptualism were being set in motion. Photography’s ubiquity gave it a democratic language that resonated with the anti-establishment concerns of young people in the late 60’s: “Eager to make a statement against the hegemonic ‘big canvases’ of Abstract Expressionism, casual photo-based work gave artists an opportunity to mark out new challenging questions about what art was and what it could be.” (Vytas Narusvicious, The Photo Show: 1969/2013—Exploring the Photo Conceptual Archive, Curatorial Statement).

The exhibition of 1969 showcased local emerging artists of the time alongside their more established counterparts pioneering the conceptual movement internationally. Similarly, the current The Photo Show: 1969/2013 – Exploring the Photo Conceptual Archive features works from the archives by local heroes Christos Dikeakos, N.E. Thing Co., Jeff Wall and Ian Wallace with as well as selections from Ed Ruscha, Dan Graham, Robert Smithson, Vito Acconcci, Douglas Huebler, Robert Kinmont and Bruce Nauman.

Take a look some photos taken by Capture volunteer photographer Jean Cueta at the exhibition’s opening reception:



UBC MFA student, artist Kate Henderson, and artist Ingrid Baxter



Sophie and Christos Dikeakos



The crowd around Scott Watson and Christos Dikeakos




Barrie Jones and Ingrid Baxter


Christos Dikeakos, Barrie Jones, Ingrid Baxter, and Ian Wallace

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