Ali Ahadi

Ali Ahadi (b. Tehran, Iran. 1984) is an Iranian-Canadian artist and writer based in Vancouver. Grounded in the intersectionalities of aesthetics of contingency, ontological analysis of language and politics of subjectivization. His interdisciplinary practice spans from site-specific installations to sculpture, photo and video-based works, writing and translation. Consisting of representational images, videos, composite objects and texts, that propose certain ways for approaching conceptual dualities, Ahadi’s work is constituted through addressing the problems of presentation and representation, monsteration and demonstration, and the relationships between aesthetics and contingent forms of abstractions that are irreducible to the conventional artistic determination. His practice in critical theory involves writing and translating in the fields of continental philosophy, aesthetics and politics. Throughout his doctoral research, he has developed the theories of Thought-Activism, Poetics of that Which Is Not and the Visitor. The latter can be thought of as a reconfiguration of the category of the spectator and of the audience into the encountering subject position of the visitor. With the visitor, the productivity of one’s attendance to a work of art is a subordinate to their aptitude in embracing the contingencies of language and in maintaining the de-familiarization of conventional artistic determinations. Ahadi is an internationally exhibited artist. His last solo exhibition, Shit Yes Academy (Goh Ballet Academy) was held at the Ag Galerie of Tehran, Iran. In 2012 he received his MFA in visual arts from the University of British Columbia, where he is currently a visual art educator and a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary studies with central focus on continental philosophy and visual arts.

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