Cate Cameron

Cate Cameron is a professional photographer based in Vancouver. Her practice aims to connect with a diverse range of people to tell a story through imagery. Cameron has worked as a Cultural and Humanitarian photographer in Haiti, India, Kenya, and Zambia working with grass root Non Government Organizations to international charities, covering topics on a wide range of social awareness issues and campaigns including the world water crisis, HIV/AIDS, FGM, and equality. In addition, Cameron is also a set still photographer in film and television thus her practice allows her to contrast the “surreal world” in film to the “real world” in her documentary work which has been highlighted several times in the media including The Huffington Post and HYPERVOCAL. Her work is also in public and private collections. More recently, Cameron has focused her work in Mexico more specifically with the Ha Ta Tukari project. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition are being donated to the Ha Ta Tukari initiative, which provides access to water, renewable resources, sustainable permaculture, arts based programs and business development in La Cebolleta.

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