Evan Benally Atwood

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Evan Benally Atwood is a nádleehí Diné photographer and artist born to Ta’neeszahnii (Tangle clan), Áshįįhí (Salt people clan), Naakai Dine’é (Mexican clan), and Bilagáana (English/Welsh)—residing in the ancestral lands of the Chinook tribe (Portland, Oregon). Their work is often intimately personal, yet invites the viewer into the story to reflect and connect. Within the last year, Atwood’s work has appeared in TIME, Vice Broadly, and at the Smithsonian Native Cinema Showcase in New York, among others.


Their work has grown with/from the intersection of a queer identity and honoring their ancestral Dinê lineage. Atwood works passionately within the queer, Indigenous feminist communities, documenting stories and uplifting marginalized voices. Their work is driven by thoughtfully documenting using photography and film, with the intent to inspire others in shared communities.

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