Impatiently Inclined

The Impatiently Inclined is a multi-disciplinary arts group comprised of Theo Pelmus, Kris Snowbird and Daina Warren, all of whom come from vastly different experiences and realities, but share hyper similarities in the exploration of issues through creative self-expression. Unbound by medium, the collective of the Impatiently Inclined strive to interconnect ideas and issues to make statements of cultural fluidity. The collective of artists brings a wealth of practices ranging from visual to media arts, curation to installers, critical writing to arts administration. All have worked with each other for several years but have formalized into an artist collective in 2017. Currently they comprise of the three core members, but utilize artistic process to be adaptable to situational experiences and projects which leaves them open to working and collaborating with interested creative individuals like that of artists, musicians, curators, writers, and educators.

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