Jim Friesen

Having explored both literature and photography, Jim Friesen is now interested in the dynamic between words and pictures and how the imagination is stimulated by their collaboration. Even a single word, in the form of a title perhaps, can affect the perception of an image and how we try to find narratives in random events to solve mysteries, both cosmic and mundane, with the most vague of clues. His landscapes are an experiment in that direction. The images stand as individual pieces but also create a group harmonic that seems to connect them. The titles are chosen in a manner that is more serendipitous than studied, intended to imbue the images, both alone and as a group, with potential meaning

Friesen studied journalism and creative writing at Red River College, Winnipeg, and digital photography at Langara College, Vancouver. As a poet and independent photographer, he has collaborated with Stephen Gross of Gravity Press to design and print books of their own work, as well as volumes of poetry for other writers.

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