Roshanak Amini

Roshanak Amini’s work is best described as emancipatory appropriation through the reiteration of certain critical writings so as to reposition them in the contemporary art culture. Her practice looks at the relationship between language, space, and identity, using language both as the medium and the concept. This deconstruction makes the pieces self-critical and reflective of their proximity to what they are criticizing. As an Iranian immigrant, moving to Canada at the age of thirteen, Amini experienced a shift that was the starting point in her interest in language and its relation to social interactions. After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, she began to view art as a unifying thread between the employment of language as a means of communicative survival and its role in cultural self-awareness.

She is currently studying a graduate student at the Weissensee Kunsthochschule in Berlin. Amini’s work has been showcased in several group and solo exhibitions in Vancouver as well as Europe. Through her work she explores the blurred line between inclusivity and accessibility and between public and private.

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