Capture staffer (me!) reviews “KIMSOOJA Unfolding” for ArtAsiaPacific

Months ago, unrelated to my duties here (yes, we do have lives outside of the festival), I was asked by ArtAsiaPacific magazine to review the Capture exhibition KIMSOOJA Unfolding at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Hong Kong based publication was formed in 1993, and according to their website is “the leading English-language periodical covering contemporary art and culture from Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East”.

The review has now been posted on their website with a couple weeks to spare before the show closes. I’ll admit that I’m a little anxious about sharing it here (and claiming it as my own), but when it comes to Capture’s international press I definitely have a “more the merrier” mentality!

You can read it here. Hope you enjoy…

Photo: Kimsooja, Mind and the World, Thread, Chinese ink and acrylic on cloth, bamboo pole, copper line, 290 x 440 x 150 cm, Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, 1991. Courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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