Installation view of Nabil Azab, something good that never happened. Courtesy of the Artist. Photo: Afternoon Projects.

Installation view of Nabil Azab, something good that never happened. Courtesy of the Artist. Photo: Afternoon Projects.



A Day At Capture with Sidney Gordon, Communications and Events Assistant, Capture Photography Festival

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12:00 pm To start my day I would head out to Studio f604 to see Michael Wesik’s Capture Selected Exhibition Of Light and Nature. As an eco-analog artist myself, his continual place-based experimentation is something I greatly resonate with. I am very intrigued by his investigations on how light and surface function as the vehicle through which expression in nature is perceived and communicated.

1:15 pm Following that, I would bus down to Main and Broadway and walk to the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen, located at the intersection of E Broadway and Kingsway to watch Jessie Ray Short’s Wake Up!. In this film, Jessie raises questions around identity as a femme-presenting Métis person confronted with self-reflection in the face of the ongoing reality of colonialism.

1:45 pm From here, I would walk to one of my favourite lunch spots Budgies to grab a Burrito. My favorite is the Jamedog.

2:15 pm If I really wanted to treat myself I would pop by Cartems Donuts to grab a coffee and a vegan Earl Grey donut. The earlier you can get here the better. They sell out quickly!

2:30 pm I would then walk down to Dude Chilling Park to eat and (hopefully) bask in the sun. There are lots of interesting personalities to observe here, both animals and people.

3:00 pm When rejuvenated, I would make my way down to Emily Carr University of Art + Design to the wonderful student work in the Stranger than Fiction Exhibition – mine included! This exhibition is packed with emerging artists that investigate the relationship between truth and photography through both experimentation and representation.

4:00 pm Next, I would dance down to Trapp Projects to check out Street Scanners, a group exhibition that presents a fragmented, yet focused, mapping of place and space within urban Vancouver, which also reveals shifts in the photographic medium itself.

4:30 pm A couple of doors down is Gallery Jones which will present Birthe Piontek’s magnificent series Janus. In this series, she uses interdimensional processes to make visible what can be experienced or felt, and draw attention to the fact that an image always only shows a part of an invisible whole.

5:30 pm From here, I would head to the #3 bus and make my way over to Afternoon Projects to see Nabil Azab’s something good that’s never happened. Ambiguity and abstraction are techniques I focus on a lot in my work. I am intrigued by Azbab’s connections of these methods to the experience of displacement and memory.

6:00 pm To end off the fun-packed day I would walk up to Funky Winker Beans to grab a beer, play some pool, and karaoke with some friends.


Sidney Gordon (b. 2000) is a queer, non-binary, multimedia emulsion-based artist born and raised on Treaty 4 territory. They are now residing on unceded Coast Salish territories, where they are practicing and completing their BMA in Film + Screen Arts at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Their film has been screened by invitation in Zumzieg Cinema’s curated program BLITZ #37 (Barcelona ES), and their recent photographic series will be featured in Capture Photography Festival 2022 and ECU student exhibitions.

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