Image credit: NGC/Mdba.

Image credit: NGC/Mdba.

Speaker Series

Ann Thomas, Senior Curator of Photographs


In an effort to support the containment of COVID-19 the Capture Speaker Series is cancelled. 

While Capture-presented live events will be postponed or cancelled, we are currently producing digital content to make various aspects of the Festival accessible online. Please check our website and Instagram for ongoing updates.


Ann Thomas, Senior Curator of Photographs, Canadian Photography Institute, National Gallery of Canada

Ann Thomas’s talk will look at the evolution of collecting and exhibiting over the half century during which the National Gallery has assembled a major body of photographs of national and international importance. It will highlight major holdings and iconic works, and touch on the changing nature of curating that witnessed the breaking down of medium specific barriers and the wider reach of collecting areas that embraced vernacular and documentary image-making.

The Extended Moment: Collecting and Curating Photographs at the National Gallery of Canada at the Audain Art Museum is part of the 2020 Capture Photography Festival Selected Exhibitions Program.

Presented in partnership with Inform Interiors and the Audain Art Museum and generously supported by Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft

Please note that this event is not wheelchair accessible. For further information and assistance on accessibility, please contact us at [email protected].

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