Artist Talk

Christos Dikeakos

Christos Dikeakos speaks on The Photo Show: 1969/2013 – Exploring the Photo Conceptual Archive at UBC’s new AHVA Gallery.

In 1969, UBC students organized an exhibition called The Photo Show in the newly constructed Student Union Building, which was perhaps the first exhibition of its kind dedicated to showcasing both local and international artists primarily interested in looking at new conceptual photographic strategies. The 1969 exhibition included works from young students and faculty from the Department of Fine Arts such as Christos Dikeakos and Elias Pagonis, who curated the exhibition, along with artists Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, and Iain Baxter. In addition to exhibiting their own work, they had the initiative to secure works for the show from international artists they admired and who displayed the same emerging ethos of conceptual art, like Dan Graham, Vito Acconci, Douglas Huebler, Robert Kinmont, Ed Ruscha, and Bruce Nauman.

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