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BoomBoom PhotoRoom

Presenting the BoomBoom PhotoRoom: a gigantic walk-in photo booth. Portraits are by donation of $20 or box of diapers, with proceeds going to From the Bottom Up Foundation, a non-profit organization that distributes diapers to local families in need. The theme is “Bring Your Best,” with guests invited to bring any favourite object or person to be photographed with. Pop down for a photo, and stay for the music and beer!

Suggested donation: $20

From the Bottom Up Foundation is a non-profit organization providing diaper assistance to families in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside through community partner agencies and daycare providers. The goal is to collect and redistribute diapers to families in need by sourcing, purchasing, receiving, and distributing different sizes of diapers to agencies within the DTES who work with and understand the needs of DTES families.

To build a diaper inventory, From the Bottom Up collects financial donations to put toward diaper purchases, in addition to loose, opened, or new packages of diapers.

Recipient Testimonial:
“It has helped me in a way that I know that I can make it month to month with enough food for my family and never have to worry about diapers. I don’t think I could have ever been this stable without their help.”
—Shino (member since April 2016)

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