Image courtesy of the Artists of Changing Strathcona.

Image courtesy of the Artists of Changing Strathcona.

Photo Walk

Changing Strathcona


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Led by photographers Dionysios Psychas, Colin Trigg, and Sharon Wish, this photo walk will explore Strathcona so we can capture the gritty but lively alleys as much as the old style buildings. Starting in the heart of Strathcona at MacLean Park, we will explore spots important to the communities that shaped the neighbourhood, ending up at Hogan’s Alley. All cameras are welcome! After the photo walk we will go to Matchstick Chinatown for a cup of coffee to socialize, and introduce attendees to our photography show Changing Strathcona, which is part of their monthly local artist shows. The photo walk is open to 12 photographers.

Dionysios Psychas is an art photographer who creates contemplative images. Inspired by abstract expressionist painting, and influenced by graphic design and architecture, he believes form can carry meaning with which to make meaningful photographs. He also has been leading photo walks, architectural photo tours, and shown local photographers cool spots of the city to explore since 2012.

Colin Trigg is a passionate photographer with “a west coast state of mind”. Focusing on landscape, urban and street photography, Colin actively searches out beauty and whimsy in the natural and the built environment. Colin has been an active participant in Vancouver’s photographic community for many years and he enjoys sharing his passion with other photographers.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Sharon Wish is drawn to shapes, shadows, and silhouettes in the urban landscape. She sees herself in her compositions as that single expressive figure, lost in the melancholy of Vancouver and creating a mood of being alone in a city that is constantly changing. Her genre of photography includes street photography and the urban landscape, as well as traditional landscape photography.

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