Photo Walk

Chinatown Urban Fabric: Photo Walk

Lead by Dionysios Psychas, the photo walk will explore the streets and alleys of Chinatown so we can capture its variety of patterns, geometric shapes, and colour fields. All cameras are welcome! After the photo walk, participants will be introduced to the Chinatown Urban Fabric exhibition, to view at their leisure.

Chinatown Urban Fabric, by fine art photographer Dionysios Psychas, is an exhibition at Matchstick coffee shop in Chinatown, as part of their monthly local artist shows. 

The exhibition: Chinatown is a unique neighbourhood because of its own urban fabric made up of narrow lots, buildings at a human scale, ornate facades, Western styles with Chinese elements, tiled and glazed shop fronts that animate the sidewalk, and a gutsy use of colour. 

The event is open to 10 photogs.

Tickets are free and can be obtained on Evenbrite: Chinatown Urban Fabric: Photo Walk and Exhibit

Artist bio

Dionysios is a fine art photographer who has been organizing photo walks, architectural photo tours, and shown local photographers cool spots of the city — typically mundane, overlooked, or forgotten, but always interesting — to explore since 2012. 

He makes photographs because he much likes cameras and the medium, but especially because he likes to create something meaningful. Importantly, he appreciates that photography is a calming vehicle. Focusing on a frame and a vision is meditative in a sense. It is grounding and lightens his spirits.

There is pleasure in photographing together, getting to know each other, and conversing about this and that and photography. Importantly, we can be inspired by each other to keep making meaningful photographs. And it is hoped that these experiences will inspire local photographers to explore the city on their own. 



COVID19 Safety Plan

All participants will be required to wear masks and keep a safe distance in close proximity to other photographers during the event. Inside the Matchstick coffee shop to view the exhibition, participants will have to follow Matchstick’s covid19 safety protocols.


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