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Day At Capture with Jeff Hamada, Booooooom

We’ve asked Jeff Hamada, founder of Boooooom to create Day At Capture which includes an self-guided tour of various Capture Public Art and Featured and Selected Exhibitions programs. Go from Mount Pleasant to Chinatown and perhaps The Polygon. Tag @capturephotofest on Instagram and Facebook and share your #DayAtCapture with us!

Best days for this itinerary are: Wednesday–Saturday
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11:30 am   I live in Mount Pleasant so I’d start my day at the Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen (Broadway & Kingsway) to check out Holy Terrain: Films by Yumna Al-Arashi. Her two short films the 99 Names of God and Montañas are monumental, weaving together and celebrating specific types of Islamic and Indigenous womanhood, ritual, and landscape.

12 pm   Next, I’d bike up Kingsway towards Fraser where Les Faux Bourgeois is to visit Vikky Alexander’s public artwork Between Dreaming & Living where she contrasts fashion photography with sublime landscapes that positions the viewer somewhere between the urban and rural, the natural and artificial.

12:15 pm   Feeling hungry, I’d cross the street to Sal y Limon and grab a lamb huarache to-go, and then head to China Creek Park to eat it there.

1 pm   My next move is Tom Hsu’s solo exhibition a spot behind the ear at Macaulay & Co. Fine Art. The candid and poetic images in Tom’s exhibition capture the whimsy and mutual care of friendship–things I think we’re all missing these days.

1:45 pm   After checking out Macaulay & Co. Fine Art I’d definitely head over to the Olympic Village Canada Line Station to see Hiro Tanaka’s Chicharrón series. As someone who’s almost always travelling, Tanaka’s diptych’s of everyday moments from daily life still feel spontaneous, new, and surreal.

2 pm   After that I’d bike along the seawall to Chinatown to see Wang Qingsong’s Fotofest over at Canton-sardine 沙甸鹹水埠 (love that name). I’m interested in irony in photography but I also want to see how Qingsong uses different techniques like staging, grand scales, popular aesthetics to reflect upon how the West’s influence is translated in China’s fast-paced society.

3 pm   Next stop, I’d go grab steamed buns to-go from New Town, and maybe eat them by the water over at Crab Park.

4 pm   If there’s still time to jump on the Seabus and get to The Polygon Gallery before 5 pm, I’d end my day over there to see Feast for the Eyes exhibition which explores the history of food in photography. It’s curated across three themes: “Still Life”, “Around the Table” and “Playing with Food.”

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