Aaron Leon, Work from the Altered Landscapes series, 2013-16, Courtesy of the Artist

Aaron Leon, Work from the Altered Landscapes series, 2013-16, Courtesy of the Artist


Self-guided Tour

Day At Capture with Jocelyne, Capture’s Festival Assistant

Jocelyne, Capture’s Festival Assistant has created a #DayAtCapture, sharing some of her highlights from the 2021 Festival. Tag @capturephotofest on Instagram and Facebook to share your #DayAtCapture with us!

Best days for this self-guided tour are: Tuesday–Saturday
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2 pm   Starting off at Waterfront Station, see the works from the Altered Landscapes series by Secwepemc artist from Splatsín Aaron Leon, a series of photographs in which the tricolour process conveys an experience of wonder in nature.

2:15 pm  From there it’s a short walk down Cordova and a hop over to Gallery Gachet to see Things My Dad Taught Me the Selected Exhibition by Jackie Dives. This is a reflective exhibition on the relationship and process of grieving a parent who has died a stigmatized death. Please
note this exhibition is by appointment so plan this visit in advance.

3 pm   At this point I head over to Nelson the Seagull to grab a cold brew and pastry for a boost of energy and a quick rest.

3:30 pm   After the break it’s a short walk over to Monte Clark Gallery to see Vilhelm Sudin’s Exhibition Soon, an exploration of the intersection between photography and cinema, and their places in the contemporary visual domain.

4:15 pm   Take your time walking through the Strathcona area to head over to Wil Aballe Art Projects to see two Selected Exhibitions: On the Other Hand by Randy Lee Cutler, a project that explores the thoughts of handwashing, fear of touching surfaces, and a general lack of physical intimacy informed by current daily life. The other Selected Exhibition being On the Feeling of Immortality in Youth with the work of Dave Heath consisting of black-and-white portraits focusing on quiet moments of solitary contemplation, self-reflection, longing, pain, and ennui.

4:45 pm   From there it’s a short walk over to Franc Gallery to see We were here, an exhibition of work by Laura Dutton and Anna Kasko which describes how photographs reveal our collective desire to get near to something or someone. Book your appointment here.

5:15 pm   It’s at this time I head over to Container Brewing to grab a Cider and a snack to enjoy the early evening on their patio!

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