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Disposable Camera Project IV

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**Please note: Change of address from 1050 to 1115 E Hastings**

The Disposable Camera Project (DCP) is a series of exhibitions that feature photographs captured on disposable cameras by Vancouver film photographers. Instant, single-use, and discardable, disposable cameras capture and embody the fleeting interactions we have with the spaces we call home.

When the word “nostalgia” was first used, it referred to medical-grade homesickness. Today, the term is always on our tongues, partly due to pop culture’s fascination with the past. As a companion to SAD Magazine’s print publication, now in its tenth year, DCP IV takes nostalgia as its central theme: from rose-coloured glasses, to resurrecting the dead, to ruminating on what could have been. Each artist, using one 35 mm disposable camera, engages their own nostalgia, creating a reflexive interrogation of memory, histories, and parallel temporalities, investigating the sweetness and sadness of loved things lost.

Artists: Tom Hsu, Taby Cheng, Karilynn Ming Ho, Hyung Min Yoon, Christian Nicolay, and Helen Shaw.

Curated by Helen Wong and Megan Jenkins

Supported by a London Drugs Printing Grant

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