Poster for Elephant Warriors. Courtesy of Tallulah Photography.

Poster for Elephant Warriors. Courtesy of Tallulah Photography.

Artist Talk

Film Screening & Artist Talk | An Evening of Elephants


Partial proceeds go to the Mara Elephant Project to help fund the training of a female conservation ranger.

Doors: 6:30 pm
Screening: 7 pm

An Evening of Elephants is the premiere screening of the documentary Elephant Warriors, which showcases how female conservation rangers in Kenya are asserting themselves at the vanguard of wildlife conservation and gender equality, protecting elephants from ivory poachers as well as the deadly snares of bushmeat hunters.

The event features guest speakers, a Q&A with the filmmakers Tallulah and Roberta Staley, as well as breathtaking photos of African wildlife in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

About Roberta Staley
Roberta Staley, MA, is an award-winning magazine editor and writer, documentary filmmaker and author specializing in international, gender, science and human rights reporting.

About Tallulah
Tallulah has been working in photography for 20+ years and has extended her work into video shorts and documentaries over the last few years. Her work focuses on portraiture and documentary, including the impact of the environment, whether it be urban, such as homelessness in DTES Vancouver, war-torn countries such as Haiti and Afghanistan or the role of women in the conservation of elephants in Kenya.

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