From the Darkroom to the Internet: Alternative Ways of Making and Sharing Photographs

Artist Kate Henderson leads this two-day workshop for high school students. In these three-hour sessions (plus one-hour lunch break), students will be introduced to alternative analogue and digital photographic techniques and will gain a solid understanding of the history of image making through discussion, critique, experimentation, and play. Emphasis will be placed on the Internet as a medium of image circulation and how early photographic processes and photoconceptualism continue to inform work produced and shared digitally by artists today.

In session one (Apr 1), participants will explore early forms of photography such as cyanotypes, photograms and hand colouring of prints and slides. Session two (Apr 8) jumps ahead in time to consider how photography is used by artists today, including sculptural components and digital techniques such as scanning, projection, and moving images. Images made in this workshop can be used in the “Let’s Photo Zine” workshop on Apr 23.

Free but registration required by March 24.
Email: [email protected]

Kate Henderson is a Vancouver-based artist who works with projection, photography, video and installation. She received her MFA in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia in 2013 and her BFA with a Major in Photography from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2007.

This workshop is generously supported by an ArtStarts Creative Spark Grant. Venue is not wheelchair accessible.

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