Guest Artists’ Print Reveal–An Online Peek

Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at new photo-based projects at Churchland Studios #churchlandstudios

Torrie Groening brings her experience as a traditional master printer and publisher to unique, one-on-one creative residencies for artists. Here, each artist approaches photography as the leading force in work that employs layered, multimedia images.

This year, we welcomed San Francisco’s Francesca Pastine, whose work explores the generative potential of luminal spaces and visual metaphors. In her Lucy Editions she combines watercolor paintings with images of diamonds found in jewelry ads from the New York Times. She then layers, Rorschachs and manipulates the images to create luminous and colour-saturated abstracts.

Vancouver photographer Sally Buck’s multi-media studio project layers imagery of hand-sewn, printed and natural plants to create bio-diverse, symbolic jungles. These photo-montaged eco-systems suggest a future symbiosis between humans and nature.

L.A. based photographer Jane Szabo’s Somewhere Else series finds new staging locations in Vancouver for her map-covered, hand-constructed homes. Each work examines where we dwell literally and spiritually, evoking both the journey of life, and the visceral longing to be “somewhere else.”

In Groening’s new still life series, collected portrait frames are prized for their singular elegance while antique, self-help, book covers are judged by their classic good looks. The Shelf Collector series examines our urge to collect, display and live with objects of desire and curiosity.


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