Community Event

Hold My Hand Vancouver

The concept for this photo shoot with Eyoalha Baker is simple: 100 people stand in a line holding hands. Every person alternates: born in Canada with people born away from Canada.

Holding hands is an intimate experience. We usually only hold the hand of someone dear to us, a lover, relative, or friend. Holding hands makes us feel secure, connected, protected, comforted. Holding hands symbolizes togetherness. It says: you are not alone, I am with you.

Regardless of where on Earth we happen to be born, we’re all just a bunch of humans experiencing life together. Building walls to guard imaginary lines that separate and incite fear will never make us as powerful as when we bond together and lift each other up with joy and love in our hearts. Love and joy have no borders.

For full details and to participate, visit the Evenbrite page.

**Please note change of date (from Apr 8) due to weather**
Note: event is weather permitting.

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