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Impatiently Inclined


Please note that this event is postponed until further notice to ensure the health and safety of our community and to flatten the curve of COVID-19.


Join grunt gallery, in partnership with Capture Photography Festival, for an artist talk with Impatiently Inclined, a multi-disciplinary arts group comprised of Theo Pelmus, Kris Snowbird and Daina Warren. The collective’s work, Last Supper, will be installed in March at the Vancouver City Centre skytrain station as a part of Capture’s public art programming. They will be discussing the work as well as the larger series of photographic works, Human Nature.

Human Nature explores contemporary art expression within isolated communities to make the statement that art expression should not be limited nor bound by geography, cultural traditions, etc; rather, it should be inspired or challenged by them. The series engages with the natural and unnatural landscapes in a ‘high-gloss magazine’ aesthetic to break free of conventional historical Indigenous portraiture that has historically been used to make Indigenous people look more “Native.” The second edition of the Human Nature project was developed around photographs produced on Kris Snowbird’s rez with the participation of her family in April and June of 2019.


grunt gallery is accessed from the sidewalk via a 106” long, 64” wide concrete ramp that rises 12”. The slope is 1 : 8.75. There are no rails on the ramp. The front entrance is a manually operated outward-swinging double door with a total width of 64”. Entry to the Media Lab behind the gallery space is via a 42” wide passage and entry to the neighbouring amenity space is through a manually operated outward swinging double door with a total width of 70”. No stairs, inclines, or elevators are necessary to access the public areas once inside the gallery.

grunt gallery has a single gender neutral washroom that is accessed via a 31” wide doorway with a sliding pocket door with a door handle that is 40” high. The toilet has a 10” clearance on the left side and a 21” clearance in front, with a support bar on the left side. The sink height is 34”. Please contact us at 604-875-9516 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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