Impossible Project V2.0: Photographs from the People

Exhibition runs until May 10
Presented by Beau Photo Supplies

This exhibition represents both the inclusiveness of instant photography and the beauty of the images it produces. The photographs portray viewpoints from a variety of contributors, from young artists with an eye for detail to photographers who use instant film as one of many mediums. The exhibition also explores the science behind the photograph, with information about the technology of the Impossible Project instant film.

The opening reception is open to all and will include a demonstration of the 8 x 10 Impossible Project instant film. Many of the artists will also be in attendance.

Beau Photo Supplies is committed to supporting analog processes, practices, and techniques in photography. They continue to provide film in various sizes, formats, and emulsions, darkroom supplies, chemicals, and alternative process supplies.

Science World Art Display Mandate: Science parallels art in many ways, not just as a subject matter but also as a source of inspiration. Here at Science World, we are proud to work with local artists who are interested in and inspired by science. Our art displays showcase different works of art within our False Creek facility.

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