Photoshop: Moving Photo Remix

Session 1: Thu, Apr 4, 6–9 pm
Session 2: Fri, Apr 5, 6–9 pm

Cost: $74, or $50 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)
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One extended subsidy available: Apply Here

Presented in partnership by
VIVO Media Arts Centre and Capture Photography Festival

This two-day workshop is a fun and creative introduction to animating photos using Photoshop. Each session combines visual study of examples, group discussion, and hands-on experience.

Gain technical knowledge of Photoshop! Learn about local and international artists who manipulate photos and discuss the meaning and effect of the resulting images! Create photo remixes of your own!

During Session 1, you’ll learn various techniques for removing and replacing portions of photographs for meaningful effect in order to produce three intriguing images. You can either bring in photos to use, find them online, or snap a few during the workshop.

Then for Session 2, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop to animate selected parts of your images. You’ll export them as GIF and MOV files so you can share them online!

Prerequisite: No experience necessary.

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