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Roll Call Volume 03

Nelson Mouëllic Studio presents Roll Call, a quarterly photography show that celebrates honest photography, and gives an unfiltered look at the photographic processes from some of Vancouver’s finest photographers. Roll Call is a fast paced, one-day event that pushes the boundaries of traditional analogue photography. By condensing what is traditionally a slow process into a single-day format, photographers will be required to work quickly, creating imagery driven by impulse while maintaining a sense of mindfulness to their work.

On the morning of the show, ten photographers will each be given a roll of slide film and will have eight-hours to capture all 36 frames. Then, the rolls will be collected, processed, mounted, loaded into slide carousels, and projected that evening in their entirety without edits. Presenting every image captured, unedited, gives insight to how each photographer creates their images and how they approach their work.

Tickets: $5
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