SCREAM: A 10-Year Photo Exploration

This exhibition is the final stage in a ten-year exploration of SCREAM. The confines of socially acceptable behaviour are broken with SCREAM, giving participants a unique glimpse into the uncharted areas of the human psyche.

The project was created in 
2005 by Vancouver-based photographer Wendy D when a frustrated fellow artist expressed his need to scream. “I agreed to do it and then was surprised by 
both the reaction of my subject and by my response to capturing this process,” recalls
 Wendy D. “That got me thinking about the complexities of scream both as an individual 
act and the constraints society imposes on the expression of it.”

This no-borders project, which explores human vulnerability and transparency, has captured over 150 subjects expressing exuberant joy to profound fear.

The exhibition runs until April 14.


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