Event poster for See it, Like it, Take it 2024. Courtesy of VANSPC.

Event poster for See it, Like it, Take it 2024. Courtesy of VANSPC.

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See it, Like it, Take it


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The Pink Alley (Alley Oop) is located in Downtown Vancouver off Granville Street, between Hastings and Pender Streets.

“See it, Like it, Take it” is a pop-up street photography exhibit that turns a public space into a dynamic art gallery. The event features a collection of street photographs displayed on an open-air wall, capturing the essence of urban life. Attendees are encouraged to stroll through the exhibition, interact with the images, and express their appreciation by indicating their favourite ones. What sets this event apart is its participatory nature. Viewers not only get to enjoy the diverse range of photographs but also have the unique opportunity to take home their favourite images. The interactive element transforms the exhibition into a constantly evolving and dynamic showcase, breaking down the traditional barriers between creators and consumers of art. “See it, Like it, Take it” is more than just an art exhibit; it’s a celebration of the public’s connection with photography, turning the streets into a shared space where everyone becomes both a spectator and a curator.

The Vancouver Street Photography Collective (VanSPC) is a non-profit society bringing together photographers from Vancouver and beyond to create and share diverse street photography approaches and aesthetics. We are founded on the principles of exploration, engagement, and inclusion. For us, street photography is a way to interact with the world, the everyday and the spectacular, and capturing those interactions through photography that is grounded in the streets, and at the same time, evocative of our individual artistic visions. We strive to offer a welcoming space to learn about, practice and display street photography through meet-ups, exhibitions, publications and simply walking the streets to discover new moments of inspiration.

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