Art of Daytime Long-Exposure Photography

Cost: $195
Registration required
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In this one-day workshop with internationally acclaimed fine art photographer Sharon Tenenbaum, students will learn to master the principles of the long-exposure technique in camera using neutral density filters and explore post-processing fundamentals to further the image-creation process. The workshop starts with classroom theory, continues to field shooting, and then resumes for classroom review and post-processing of the images taken that day.

For the workshop, students must have:

  • Camera with bulb mode
  • Tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • Wide angle lens (preferred)
  • Optional equipment: Neutral density filter of at least 13 F-stops. If you do not have a filter, some will be available for use but please make sure to have a stepping ring that matches your lens diameter to 77 mm diameter.

Presented by Langara Professional Photography and Continuing Studies Photography.

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