Kristopher Grunert, Lions Gateway. Courtesy of the Artist

Kristopher Grunert, Lions Gateway. Courtesy of the Artist


Using Photography As A Gateway to Mindfulness


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If you’ve discovered photography, you’ve already found a practice that, by its very nature, keeps you in the present moment. Photography can be a doorway into mindfulness and a way for people to access their subconscious mind and find new levels of self-awareness while connecting more deeply with the world and people around them. In this workshop, I will define mindfulness and introduce my framework for using photography to slow down the nervous system to alleviate stress while tapping into the creative genius inside of you.

After outlining the framework, we will do an exercise using your camera phone to connect to and photograph a single piece of white paper. Participants feel peace, pride, and exhilaration as they explore the paper and create something beautiful and unique.

Kristopher Grunert is a Canadian photographer who explores the outer world and the inner realm. Growing up on his family’s centennial farm outside of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, between the vast open sky and expansive linear landscape, he developed a strong spatial sense, connection to the earth, and an awareness of natural cycles. Upon moving to Vancouver, his fascination extended to the dense manufactured environment. The contrast between these two worlds created a duality apparent in his work. One side of his work focuses on the constructed environment, where he documents some of the most significant structures, infrastructure projects, and technology. On the other side of his work, he lifts the veil between his inner world and the landscape he photographs. The results are images that touch on spirituality and the human journey.

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