Waves in the Shade

When a couple of innocent camera-geeks met up for a little photo-walk, nothing could prepare them for what would morph into an urban-wide odyssey to track Culture in all it’s natural complexity. Yet the further they tried to focus, the closer they came to realize that they had been prey from the very beginning, and along for the ride, digesting in the system of something colossal… Local emerging artists, Douglas Cho and Shah Alamdar, showcase their personal tributes to analogue photography, along with an all-out psycho-experimental collusion. Join in on the night’s effort to review our solitary monster. Armed with multiple-exposure, we harness the juxtaposing power to see camouflage, and just maybe we’ll reveal the Kraken’s true colors. No pilgrimage would be complete without the spirit of dance. Open workshops ranging from Tango to Afro-groove will be run by fierce talent, prepare to jive to that wild vibe!


Unit 204 – 2075 Yukon St, Vancouver BC, V5Y 3W3

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