Artist Talk

Jeff Khonsary: When Is a Photobook Not a Photo Book

A talk by Jeff Khonsary, New Documents

Photobooks have a very long and specific history defined across various regional and cultural contexts. Their audience and production have been impacted by changes in connoisseurship, distribution, and—most importantly—shifts in artistic practices. As the space of photography has expanded, so too has that of the books that document photographic production. This speculative presentation assesses several recent and upcoming titles by New Documents that stretch the boundaries of what defines the photobook genre, including Sad, Depressed, People (David Horvitz), Mood Disorder (David Horvitz), Jon Rafman: Nine Eyes, The Cast (Ruth van Beek), and The Infinite Library (Haris Epaminonda and Daniel Gustav Cramer).

Jeff Khonsary is a Los Angeles–based editor, curator, and designer. He is Creative Director and Co-founder of Fillip, a Vancouver-based artists publishing organization, and Director and Founder of New Documents, a book imprint focusing on books by artists.

Presented as part of the Vancouver Photo Book Fair.
Venue is not wheelchair accessible.

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