David Horvitz
How to Exit a Photograph
Unlimited Edition

David Horvitz
How to Exit a Photograph
Unlimited Edition


Your Digital Presence: Exploring Art, Copyright, and Online Engagement

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Presented in partnership by Capture Photography Festival, the Digital Tattoo Project, and UBC Library.

Sharing media digitally is easier and more necessary for artists than ever—think Flickr and Instagram. However, as an artist, navigating the maze of online licencing, ownership, and personal representation, especially in the age of social media, can be confusing.

To cut through the confusion and create a path for themselves, artists need tools. Tools can be as simple as asking the right questions to learn what you need to know, like: What is a licence? How does what I share shape my digital identity? How can open sharing be beneficial for my art?

This facilitated workshop will work through these questions, offer definitions, and give attendees the tools to learn how to raise the right questions to inform their digital identity and representation online. We hope participants will walk away with a firm sense of what copyright is, how it applies to their work, and what questions they should ask when posting their artwork online to shape their digital identity and connect with others.

This presentation was developed by UBC Library and the Digital Tattoo Project. It is supported by the Digital Rights Community Grant Program, a partnership between Digital Justice Lab, Tech Reset Canada, and Centre for Digital Right.

Download David Horvitz’s How to Exit a Photograph here.


Stephanie Savage
Scholarly Communications & Copyright Services Librarian, UBC Library

Stephanie provides support to the UBC community on matters related to the institution’s copyright policies. She also advocates for user rights and educates creators on the ways they can legally make their work accessible and reusable. In addition to her copyright portfolio, Stephanie is also interested in alternative models of academic publishing and manages the Library’s installation of Open Journal Systems, an open source publishing platform.

Digital Tattoo Project

The Digital Tattoo Project is a collaboration between the UBC Library, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and the University of Toronto’s iSchool and the U of T Libraries. Digital Tattoo Project works to raise questions and provide examples and resources to encourage you to think about your presence online, navigate the issues involved in forming and reforming your digital identity, and learn about your rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen.

Alex Kuskowski
UBC Library Learning Services Librarian & Digital Tattoo Co-lead

Alex’s work includes developing and implementing learning support programs, collaborative information literacy projects, and technology lending at the library. She also provides technology and information support for the Chapman Learning Commons. Alex is interested in using digital media and emerging technology to engage students, staff, and the community to develop their knowledge and connection to the world.

Lucas Wright
Educational Consultant: Learning Technology, Teaching and Learning Professional Development & Digital Tattoo Co-lead

Lucas is an educational consultant with a focus on learning technology. He works with faculty and staff throughout the university, assisting them in designing and developing blended learning and technology enhanced courses. He facilitates teaching and learning focus training that enhances instructors’ capacity, confidence, and competence using technology in their classroom and online teaching. In his practice, Lucas builds networks, resources, and events that engage faculty, students, and staff in areas such as ePortfolios, blended learning, and digital identity.

Monique Rodrigues
Digital Tattoo Student Coordinator

Monique is a second-year student in UBC’s Master of Journalism program. She helps to coordinate the Digital Tattoo Project in collaboration with students from the University of Toronto. Her role includes writing blog posts, producing the Digital Tattoo Podcast, managing social media, and thinking about communication strategies. With this work, Monique hopes to support Digital Tattoo’s audience to make more informed decisions about their presence online.

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