100 Years, 100 Treasures is a celebration of the University of British Columbia’s centennial by its natural history museum. The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is opening its cabinets and revealing 100 of its most spectacular treasures through breathtaking photography in an online exhibition at BeatyTreasures.com. Community members have shared their stories about these objects, and the public has been asked to vote on their favourite treasure. These images are currently on display in an interactive installation in the museum. In May 2016, in response to the public’s votes, an exhibition of the top treasures will be unveiled.

From the largest creature to have ever lived on earth, the blue whale; to the passenger pigeon, an abundant species brought to extinction by humans 100 years ago; to some of the earliest records of knowledge exchange about uses of native plants between European settlers and local First Nations in British Columbia, these treasures tell important tales.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum hopes this project will encourage public dialogue and debate on how these objects are used and understood in different communities in the past and present, and where they might hold a place in the future.

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