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When Joseph Strohan wanders through his neighbourhood—the area he restricts himself to when shooting—he stops only for a moment to take a snap. He’s learned to trust his side glances, his intuitions. He gave up using a tripod some time ago, so that his composition could become looser and so that no one idea of a “good photograph” could take hold.

Shooting in this way is not easy and requires technical accommodations. Strohan’s lens lets in as much light as possible and he uses the most sensitive film available as well as fibre-based photo paper, which makes the subtle distortion of motion blur and film grain a strength of the work. His photographic work deals with the subject of night as it exists in the literary tradition of the nocturne. While the photographs of Anxiety Lapped against the Stage are literally of the night, they are motivated by an interest in the intimately related subjects of silence and sleep.

Hours: by appointment; please email [email protected]

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