Jackie Dives, Brahmi, 2016, digital photograph, 45.72 x 60.96 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Jackie Dives, Brahmi, 2016, digital photograph, 45.72 x 60.96 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


BAF Residency Exhibition: Jackie Dives

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When you choose not to become a mother there is no word for what you are becoming. In this photo series, Vancouver-based artist Jackie Dives explores what it looks and feels like to become not a mother. With her diaristic and whimsical images she has documented her life as she processes this choice and examines women’s roles in society and the idea of what makes a family. Dives is an emerging artist who works auto-ethnographically to explore themes of identity, womanhood, grief, and healing. Her photographs are diaristic, vulnerable, and sometimes confrontational. Although the image above isn’t from the forthcoming exhibition, it is a part Dives’s overall body of work observing and documenting women’s roles, contemporary identity, and empowerment, which she will continue to explore during the BAF residency.

A cornerstone of Burrard Arts Foundation programming, the BAF Artist Residency Program offers creative support and professional development to qualified Vancouver-based artists. Vancouver is a city where the space, time, and financial resources needed to create art can be scarce, and these limitations can constrain artists, preventing their work from reaching its full potential. The BAF Residency Program helps artists surpass these barriers, providing a dedicated space to creative production in Vancouver and facilitating work that otherwise may not have been realized.

The Burrard Arts Foundation Residency Program is made possible by the generous support of the Chan Family Foundation and the City of Vancouver Cultural Grants Program.


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