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FOTOFILMIC17 is FOTOFILMIC’s fifth international juried travelling exhibition, presenting thirty new emerging and mid-career photographers in representation of an inclusive and insightful worldview of the thriving return to the film medium as well as a diverse set of material and historical practices witnessed in recent years in the field of contemporary photography. The exhibition follows the footsteps of earlier FOTOFILMIC editions in accompanying the dynamic framing of today’s artistic and societal interpretations of film-based and analogue photographic culture and its legacy into the digital age.

1. Andre Viking (Copenhagen, Denmark)
2. Antone Dolezal & Lara Shipley (Syracuse NY, USA)
3. Benedetta Ristori (Rome, Italy)
4. Brian Henry (Baltimore MD, USA)
5. Dave Woody (Eureka CA, USA)
6. David Falco (Poitiers, France)
7. Diane Meyer (Los Angeles CA, USA)
8. Fabien Fourcaud (Paris, France)
9. Frank Machalowski (Leipzig, Germany)
10. Gabrielle Beland (Montreal QC, Canada)
11. Guanyu Xu (Chicago IL, USA/China)
12. Ian Sherlock (Syracuse NY, USA)
13. Iannis Delatolas (Bronx NY, USA/Greece)
14. Jacqueline Roberts (Wincheringen, Germany)
15. James Reeder (Brooklyn NY, USA)
16. Johann Husser (Dortmund, Germany)
17. Keith Taylor (Minneapolis MN, USA)
18. Kostas Kapsianis (Athens, Greece)
19. Kovi Konowiecki (Long Beach CA, USA)
20. Matthew Finley (West Hollywood CA, USA)
21. Matthias Van Dromme (Bruges, Belgium)
22. Michael Garbutt (Sydney, Australia)
23. Myriam Abdelaziz (Brooklyn NY, USA/France)
24. Ole Brodersen (Lyngør, Norway)
25. Peter Iain Campbell (Glasgow, Scotland)
26. Peyton Fulford (Columbus GA, USA)
27. Rebecca Bowring (Geneva, Switzerland)
28. Tamsen Wojtanowski (Philadelphia PA, USA)
29. Thomas Gosset (Bordeaux, France)
30. Tomer Kep (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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