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Travelling the world with increasing ease is a privilege of our time. Witnessing what makes us similar as humans despite our geographical, economic, and cultural differences is a byproduct of such a power. Paolo Rubini’s aim as a photographer is to try and capture the soul of a place by investigating its people and how they operate in and relate with their environment.

In what ways do we, as humans, physically impact our surroundings the most? What makes us all part of the human family in our appearance and physical ability to express ourselves, and yet mark the differences in the statuses we hold, the jobs we do, the cultures we belong to, and the actions we take? What can specific parts of our bodies tell us about ourselves and human nature in different environments? The series’ theme, “hands on,” was born with such a vision and intention to answer these questions.

With a character of reportage and an aesthetic based on environmental portraiture and classic composition, the photographs of Hands On attempt to tell the story of our human condition, by focusing on one of the most expressive and common part of our body shared by humankind. Hands On was put together as a mosaic assembling information gathered from fifteen countries across four continents over two years. It is an ongoing series informed by a love for people and our diversity that can shed a curious and tender light on what make us each unique.

Supported by a London Drugs Printing Grant.

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