Including a range of formats from large-size prints, to light boxes, to mural installations, to video works, Moonlight features Hua Jin’s new series of work that focuses on the subject of nature.

The exhibition invites the viewer to return to nature to reflect upon the idea of the circle of nature, its internal regulation, and its evanescent quality. Interactions between the poles of morning and dusk, light and heavy, fluid and solid, transparent and opaque, moving and motionless is contemplated through imagery of moving rivers, luminous rocks, flying birds, swaying branches, and the rising moon. The works included in Moonlight emanate a glow of mystery, of the poetic and the romantic.

Through diverse methods of presentation, the artist explores the connections between photography and other media while simultaneously conjuring an atmosphere of serenity. Moonlight aims to present a contemplative, reflective, and immersive viewing experience where time and space blend and where a sense of longing encounters a sense of connection. Step into a moonlight-tinted world and an experience of serenity—an escape from today’s hectic world.

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