Dana Claxton, WHY?

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4″ x 6″, gelatin print on archival fibre paper
Edition of 30
Courtesy of the artist

This image was taking during a trip to Paris, when Dana Claxton roamed the streets with her old Canon AE1, looking for the American Indian in the Paris cityscape. The more she roamed, the larger her focus became, growing to encompass the wider sociopolitical and spiritual environments of the City of Paris—the grand dame of political thinking, culture, and pleasure.

During a stroll down one of many cobbled streets, Claxton saw in big letters on a storefront window the word “WHY,” leading her to think of how this simple three-letter word drives so much research, critical thinking, spiritual inquiry, and human behaviour and histories. The photograph captures a multitude of reflections that are as layered as the word itself, WHY.

Dana Claxton works in film, video, photography, single- and multi-channel video installation, and performance art. Her practice investigates beauty, the body, the socio-political, and the spiritual.

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