The legacy of street photography and the vernacular firmly inform the practice of Vancouver-based photographer Vishal Marapon. Marapon captures the everyday urban landscape devoid of people while simultaneously speaking to changing cities and the material effects of gentrification and development.

The photographs of Fragments appear to be depicting a ghost town from another era. The works present a visual calmness paired with hyperrealism, creating a slice of a landscape teeming with colour and pattern. Working with both analogue and digital formats, Marapon investigates the complex geometry of architecture—buildings, stairwells, door frames, and facades. Each photograph is framed so that the subject loses any direct relationship to a specific location. These fragments of streets and buildings could exist in any town.

Artwork locations (east to west):
Vancouver Public Library, 2674 E Hastings St
Tot2Teen Dental, 2651 E Hastings St
Tiny Finery, 2629 E Hastings St
The Co-operators, 2630 E Hastings St
Mactalla Cycles, 2626 E Hastings St
Jenny Kwan office, 2572 E Hastings St
East Café, 2401 E Hastings St
Royal Bank of Canada, 2381 E Hastings St
Aer Café, 2263 E Hastings St
Plenty and Spare, 2168 E Hastings St
Star Tile, 2121 E Hastings St

Presented in partnership with
East Village Business Improvement Association

Capture’s Street Photography project comprises two roving exhibitions and one site-specific exhibition concentrated within the borders of Vancouver’s Gastown, Strathcona, and East Village neighbourhoods. These exhibitions take place on the storefronts and facades of different retail and community spaces, with each participating business showcasing a unique artwork. Residents, shoppers, and those who work in the neighbourhood are able to slowly piece together each exhibition as they encounter the artworks during their daily errands and commutes, with the goal of sparking thoughtful and spontaneous dialogue.

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