An Invitation for Grade 10–12 students to join the Flash Forward Incubator Program for 2020-2021

Capture is pleased to partner with the Magenta Foundation to present the 2021 Flash Forward Incubator Program. Designed for high school students in Grade 10–12, the Flash Forward Incubator Program proposes a new and exciting model for arts education developed in collaboration with industry professionals and educators, including teachers and artists, as well as Magenta’s and Capture’s educational teams. Incubator is a free online program that works with youth in real time and is dedicated to fostering emerging lens-based artists from British Columbia and across Canada with the mentorship they need to create their work and amplify their voices.

Through our online learning platform, artists and educators work together to create dynamic learning experiences and resources that optimize student learning and set them on the path to success as they contemplate the impact and meaning of their projects under this year’s theme, Still Life. Each phase of the program consists of an activity that is reflective of a real world experience in the arts, including research, proposal writing, critical reviews, artist statements and a form submission process that mirrors those for festivals, gallery shows and grants. In addition to an education experience, the Flash Forward Incubator Program offers students a signature piece for their portfolios; a publication produced by Magenta; and an exhibition/silent auction, held during Capture.

For more information or to register, email [email protected]

Image: Juliana Jimenez, New Beauty, 2020. Student from Argyle Secondary School, North Vancouver.

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